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Vancouvers 'Empty Home tax' - latest cash grab?!

Nov 14, 16

Mayor hopes to loosen tight rental market while raising money...   Read More

Small 'pre-sale reno' pays off (BIG) for seller!

Oct 19, 16

A bit of cosmetic surgery (condo reno)returns 2300% for Seller!   Read More

Tight rental market set to tighten even more!

Oct 14, 16

New lending rules will push first-time buyers back to rental!   Read More

Brentwood 1 Bed + Den - 'Brentwood'!

Sep 22, 16

Value-invest/starter home steps to 'Amazing Brentwood'/Skytrain.   Read More

Coal Harbour 1 Bed + Den!

Sep 14, 16

Impeccable, bright spacious home. Nearly 700 sq. ft. of luxury living!   Read More

Blast from the past! (My 1996 Market Update)

Aug 29, 16

Oh how prices have increased in Vancouver over the last 20 years!    Read More

Scrambling BC Gov't - More taxes to curb foreign investing.

Jul 26, 16

'Unprecedented tax-grab' of 15% another tax windfall!   Read More

Government joins Real Estate Council in industry control!.

Jul 01, 16

Province takes partial role as 'industry watch-dog'.   Read More

Yaletown luxury Condo

Jun 30, 16

See you at my open this Sunday. Suite #803-1055 Richards St. Gorgeous 1 bed + flex at 'Donovan'!   Read More

Neither Banks or Government can tame this market!

Jun 13, 16

Even with attempts to cool market, new sales records continue to be set!   Read More

Forget...'do you know where your Realtor is?'

Jun 09, 16

Does your Realtor know where he/she is?
   Read More

Perhaps I've discovered the best view in False Creek!

Jun 07, 16

Can you guess this Condos location? Be the 1st & coffees on me!   Read More

Brentwood condo attracts '18 offers'...but my client wins out!

Jun 01, 16

'Sizzling hot' condo market here as houses out of reach for most!    Read More

Real Estate Market continues to soar as new sales/price records set!

Apr 12, 16

No sign of market slowing as start of 2016 was 'fast & furious'in lower mainland market.   Read More

Province passes the buck - blames high home prices on Municipal/City governments..

Feb 11, 16

Clark promising to examine "hidden fees" to address affordability...Really?!   Read More

'Milano' - Brentwoods latest Condo contribution!

Feb 04, 16

Luxury homes - Great finishes/floor plans in 'AMAZING' Brentwood!   Read More

Real Estate Market likely to 'Stay the Course' (price increases to moderate?)

Jan 22, 16

Record setting 2015 & what could be in the cards for 2016.    Read More

2016 property tax assessments another windfall for provincial coffers!

Jan 06, 16

Middle class & seniors need relief in latest tax grab.   Read More

Americans buying in Vancouver score a Grand Slam!

Dec 19, 15

4 key factors have US. investors winning 'BIG'on our real estate...    Read More

Real Estate - the gift that keeps on giving!

Dec 19, 15

$1 million dollars & climbing-
client christmas greeting/thank you.   Read More

BC's biggest price increases can be found here.

Nov 20, 15

Van City is hot but these burbs lead price 12 mnth surge!   Read More

Burnaby - Could this Van City burb be a more affordable option?

Oct 07, 15

'Squeezed out' by Vancouver prices? Price relief here...   Read More

Updates and Insights - Sept 2015

Sep 25, 15

Where is the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market headed & why?    Read More


Sep 22, 15


Wind storm takes toll on some Burnaby trees & homes!

Sep 03, 15

Brentwood Park see's some younger cherry trees fall!   Read More

Buyers hungry for 1 bedrooms. (18 offers on this condo!)

Sep 10, 15

Downtown/Yaletown condo market continues to surge forward...   Read More

June Sales Set New Record!

Jul 20, 15

Contrary to what our Gov't officials are telling us, Chinese are key market driver...   Read More

Rent increase for 2015 limited to 2.5%

Jul 11, 15

Landlords and tenants should be aware of annual rate limitations.   Read More

Ready for an American invasion?

Jun 07, 15

Investors from the US. are re-discovering Vancouver real estate...   Read More

'Aviara' satisfies most luxury condo buyers!

Jun 01, 15

New Burnbay North/Brentwood Park property worth a closer look...   Read More

Rising condo fees the ‘New Reality’. But strata corps should be careful.

Apr 20, 15

Many condo owners have enjoyed artificially low maintenance fees & now they're paying!   Read More

Five reasons why our market should 'Stay the Course'

Apr 01, 15

Bubble boosters aside, Vancouver Market should stay strong!   Read More

Bye Bye Transition Tax. (No April fools)

Mar 30, 15

Good news...We finally have a new tax that's going away!   Read More

Vancouvers most expensive Condo!

Jan 22, 15

See what a $16 Million dollar luxury, waterfront Condo looks like?   Read More

Think you're ready to open your property to buyers?

Jan 10, 15

Be 100% ready or you'll likely be leaving money on the table!   Read More

What's in the cards for our 2015 Real Estate Market?

Jan 05, 15

Sellers gone MIA?...New Year starts with listing shortage!   Read More

Americans set to 're-discover' Vancouver Real Estate in 2015!

Dec 31, 14

Strong US. buck likely to 're-ignite' investor & Boomer interest.    Read More

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year!

Dec 24, 14

Enjoy quality time shared with family & friends...    Read More

Amazing Brentwood launches phase Two!

Nov 26, 14

'Truly Amazing' Phase 1 sales success(sold out-2 weeks!)...   Read More

Home Buyers say "keep it clean" or 60% of them will walk!

Oct 08, 14

Surprising? - Cleanliness more important than water damage!
   Read More

September another strong month!

Oct 02, 14

Sales/Prices continue to accelerate led by houses & luxury condos!   Read More

CRESSEY'S 'James' added to site!

Sep 24, 14

Perhaps one of the areas finest residences.    Read More

A little 'TLC' gives 400% + ROI on re-sale condo!

Oct 02, 14

First impressions are everything in marketing your property!   Read More

'Vancouver House'- Realtor, Marketing & Media frenzied launch!

Jun 17, 14

West Bank's new 59-storey Yaletown tower.
An Icon?..   Read More

'Charleson' - Onni's latest in Yaletown

Jun 15, 14

Tower may hit the mark for downsizers looking for upsized Condo.   Read More

ICON 2 - Luxury Boutique building steps to False Creek

May 09, 14

'ICON 2' is one of the area's most coveted residences...   Read More

BOSA Devel.- 'SOLO' on the move at Brentwood

May 09, 14

North Burnaby's newest 48-storey development coming along.   Read More

ICON 1 Added to the site

May 04, 14

Yaletown South building is a reliable 'Go To' for luxury shoppers.   Read More

'Artemisia' by Boffo - Final Release!

May 04, 14

'Ultra-lux' boutique res in downtown Vancouver...near SOLD OUT!   Read More

Brentwood Mall kicks off 28-acre development!

Apr 30, 14

Two, 63-storey residential towers & mall expansion first-up!   Read More

Singapores new 'Ferra building' is Ferrari inspired!

Apr 30, 14

Curvaceous tower-designer of exotic cars, jets & yachts.   Read More

Two parking spots a bonus...but pre-sale 'Break-Up' may be more profitable!

Apr 01, 14

2 spots attracts attention but most buyers won't pay-up...   Read More

'SOCIAL' - on

Mar 12, 14

One of Mount Pleasants most sought-after properties!   Read More


Mar 07, 14

New Mount Pleasant development will be cool addition the area.    Read More

'OPSAL' added to

Mar 05, 14

South-East False Creek development nears completion.   Read More

Parking spot nightmares can happen!

Mar 03, 14

New condo buyers 'beware' as parking/stor are key considerations.   Read More

Trump Hotel & Tower Vancouver

Feb 19, 14

Prestigious Condos on West Georgia Street.
(see details)   Read More

Maddox on

Feb 17, 14

An 'Anchor' for New 'Downtown South' neighbourhood!   Read More

Onni's - The Mark, added to site...

Feb 16, 14

Yaletowns tallest tower has just completed.Views & luxury...   Read More

Cressey's - Maddox, nears completion!

Feb 16, 14

Yaletowns latest set to complete in next few months.   Read More

Investor immigrant program scrapped!

Feb 14, 14

Finally, after years of abuse, this ineffective program is gone!   Read More

5 year fixed mortgage rates could see sub -3% again!!

Feb 04, 14

Rates drop to 3.19%/5 years fixed(best rates). More to follow?   Read More

The ROLSTON - 'Sexy' Tower completes...

Jan 29, 14

Paint just dry as owners & tenants moving in.
Call me about the few homes still available.   Read More

Luxury Condo market set to take flight?

Jan 06, 14

Boomers set to propel this market in coming years   Read More

Casino proposal 'out-of-step'!

Dec 17, 13

Developer looks to double size of Casino while city goes green?   Read More

Oakridge Mall re-development- 2025'

Dec 13, 13

Canada's biggest Mall re-development a first for real estate!   Read More

'Mark' (Yaletown's tallest)..hits the target!

Dec 06, 13

Buyers moving in this month-mid Dec and final product looks good!   Read More

Chinese buyer facts.

Nov 26, 13

A few insights on the Chinese international real estate shopper.   Read More

Developers 'cash-in'...charging for parking spots!

Nov 06, 13

Parking spot with that new condo a thing of the past?   Read More

Trump Tower launches in Vancouver this week!

Oct 21, 13

'The Don' loves Vancouver but will buyers reciprocate?   Read More

'MODELLO' - Setting new heights for luxury condos in Burnaby!

Oct 18, 13

This 37-storey residential tower by Boffo will raise the bar...   Read More

'Tate on Howe' launches

Oct 03, 13

VIP realtor preview today...'first impressions'.   Read More

Concord Pacific's 'ONE PACIFIC' launches this weekend

Sep 18, 13

Starting at $600/sq. ft. + parking spot is another $450-$500/sq. ft.!   Read More

Banking on a PTT exemption?...Buyer beware!

Sep 12, 13

First-time buyers may qualify for exemption but should make sure they meet 'ALL' requirements!   Read More

Depreciation Reports should'nt 'depress' owners!

Aug 30, 13

These reports will help Condo owners, sellers & buyers.   Read More

'EVELYN' set to release next phase of Million + $ homes!

Aug 26, 13

Second phase, 'Cliffside' homes likely to see price increase.   Read More

Rents rising in Toronto...even with sales drop!

Aug 21, 13

Investors in 'TO' breath easy as rental rates rise.Van to follow?   Read More

And the winner of the Starbucks gift card is...

Aug 20, 13

'Quick on the draw'-owner claims his prize in my latest promo.   Read More

Penthouse Loft-style home in Port Moody

Aug 18, 13

Open today 2:30-4:00. Drop by to see this special home.
   Read More

Great 1 Bedroom + Den at popular 'SONRISA'

Aug 15, 13

Lovely SW corner suite nearly 800 Sq. ft. for $245,800!    Read More

'MODERN' added to the site. Luxury living in West End

Aug 13, 13

Sophisticated, modern homes in a quickly developing area.    Read More

'GALILEO' added to site - Affordable Downtown Living!

Aug 07, 13

Simple, modern building...a great entry level/investment property!   Read More

'INGASTOWN' added to site - 'Living on the edge'

Aug 06, 13

An affordable choice in DT living?...This may work for some!   Read More

'Urban Luxury' - Downtown Vancouver Condo...

Aug 05, 13

2 bed + den, crnr suite w/complete update!
Busy open yesterday!   Read More

'ROOM' Lofts - added to the site

Jul 31, 13

Onnis' 'ROOM' development in SUTER BROOK is one of a kind!   Read More

Port Moody Penthouse-Great Value!

Jul 11, 13

Open House this Sunday 2:30-4:30!   Read More

'LIDO' added to the site

Jul 10, 13

BOSA's move into South False Creek - next to Olympic Village.   Read More

Hydro requiring references?!

Jul 07, 13

New home owners may require reference letter for hook-up to grid!!   Read More

Buyers falling off the fence now may be the big winners!

Jul 07, 13

While many wait, prudent buyers may be buying NOW!   Read More

Market set to sprint ahead in Summer/Fall?

Jun 29, 13

Sales indicate stronger market & prices holding in most areas.   Read More

Rising mortgage rates may see more buyers on the prowl!

Jun 26, 13

Some buyers likely to shop sooner rather than later...   Read More

Meccanica added to the site

Jun 18, 13

Loft-inspired homes with a 'twist of Porsche'- False Creek cool....   Read More

'Central' added to the site

Jun 14, 13

A 'PASCO PICK' for most inspiring Vancouver condo development.    Read More

Home Insurance - pays to shop around

Jun 14, 13

Three quotes for house insurance see's prices range $1,200-$1,900!   Read More

Rainscreen & Party Wall...closer look

Jun 11, 13

Two very important components in your condo search!   Read More

One bed Penthouse - 'Morgan Crossing'!

Jun 14, 13

Luxurious 3 year young, updated home. Open Sat/Sun 2:30-4.   Read More

Trump ready to put his stamp of Vancouver tower

Jun 06, 13

63-storey tower set to start in downtown - Georgia street   Read More

Duplex-style Townhome in Popular Fleetwood!

May 27, 13

3 bed + family room bright, spacious home in great location.   Read More

Burnaby's tallest tower goes to market...

May 26, 13

This 48 storey tower ready to soar to new heights!   Read More

Waterfront home Yaletown-'Open House'

May 25, 13

‘AZURA’S’ Most coveted One bedroom + (BIG) den!   Read More

Boomers may nest longer

May 17, 13

Rising costs may 'delay the downsize' to Condo.    Read More

Summer can be good to Sellers

May 14, 13

Warm, sunny days brings out some of the most ‘serious buyers’!   Read More

'Yale Hotel' circa 1889

May 02, 13

Now being restored as part of the new 'Rolston' condo development.   Read More

Realtors quarterback to lower PTT Cash grab!

Apr 23, 13

Asking election candidates to support increase in threshold!   Read More

Don't show until your ready to go!

Apr 11, 13

'You only get one chance to make a good first impression'!   Read More

Supply & demand fall in March - 'Balancing Market'

Apr 03, 13

March Sales improve vs.February.
Are we seeing a bottom?   Read More

'Pascoa' in Portugal

Mar 31, 13

Easter Greetings to you & your family...'Portuguese-style'   Read More

Broken CFL light bulbs a scary mess!

Mar 30, 13

Cleanup of broken CFL bulbs for the stout-hearted...   Read More

HST gone as of April 1st - No fooling!

Mar 29, 13

'New home' buyers & sellers effected with move back to GST + TT...   Read More

False Creek - Amazing 1 bed + den!

Mar 27, 13

'Its all here!'-BIG, 9 year young home in luxurious 'AZURA' *OPEN*   Read More

Open House - Use as directed by your Realtor

Mar 27, 13

An 'old-school' approach is fine but benefits may be over-rated!    Read More

Rent increase for 2013?

Mar 21, 13

Maximum 3.8% increase for residential tenancies
(with some allowances)   Read More

Flaherty's latest intervention into housing market concerning

Mar 21, 13

Governments intervention into any business never ends well   Read More

"ELECTRIC AVENUE" added to site

Mar 18, 13

This solid, BOSA building represents good value in today's market   Read More

South Surreys hottest Townhouse listing?

Mar 16, 13

The value of this 3 or 4 bedroom Townhouse may be hard to beat!   Read More

Stamps Mill - Vancouvers oldest building Circa 1865

Mar 16, 13

Moved from todays Moberly road to north foot of Alma st. in Point Grey.   Read More

Chinese may move back into lower mainland market

Mar 15, 13

May be best choice as officials in China scramble to cool market   Read More

Smart money 'hops on board' Skytrain

Mar 12, 13

Savvy developers 'tie-up' property along proposed lines.   Read More

Vancouver City Hall - Circa 1900's

Mar 10, 13

Once prime 'real estate' at the corner of Hastings & Main Street.   Read More

Vancouver 'Rapid Transit'- Circa 1900's

Mar 07, 13

Street car at Hastings at Granville in the 1900's
with over 100 cars servicing a growing city of 100,000   Read More

Real value in downtown real estate!

Mar 07, 13

Never mind those expensive new condos, check out one of my top picks -'ELECTRIC AVENUE'   Read More

*OPEN HOUSE* Sunday 2-4

Mar 03, 13

Luxury 3 Bed Townhouse in Central Burnaby   Read More

*OPEN HOUSE* Sunday 2-4pm

Mar 03, 13

3 bed Penthouse-Brentwood, North Burnaby   Read More

Home buyers guide

Mar 03, 13

Educate yourself,then'team-up' with realtor in your home search   Read More

Back to the future Vancouver bus terminal

Feb 28, 13

1930s bus terminal with a "Clipper" bus emerging in 1938   Read More

Georgia Street of the 1920's

Feb 25, 13

Many changes on Georgia Street since the roaring 1920's   Read More

Luxury Townhouse *Open Sunday*

Feb 22, 13

Don't miss!3 bed executive townhouse!
It's as a '10' & then some.   Read More

Penthouse *open this weekend*!

Feb 22, 13

Gorgeous 3 bed in Brentwood. Great neighbourhood   Read More

Lovely 3 Bed PH!

Feb 18, 13

Check out this Bright,1,340 sq. ft. corner suite in Brentwood area!
   Read More

Booming market unlikely to Bust!

Feb 22, 13

Sales off of 'Frenzied' highs - tightening supply keeps prices up   Read More

HST off the books as of April 1, 2013

Feb 15, 13

Sales completing after April 1, will see lower taxes on fees   Read More

'Hotel Vancouver' - Edition # 2...

Feb 14, 13

1910 saw the 2nd of 3, 'Hotel Vancouvers' built. This one at Granville & Georgia St.   Read More

I just sold...great condo at 'EDEN'

Feb 11, 13

One of Yaletowns/Downtowns smart/wise choices in condo living   Read More

'Evelyn' breaks ground & well on its way...

Feb 08, 13

Soon to become Vancouvers most 'coveted residence'.   Read More

Vancouvers False Creek, in the 1930's

Feb 07, 13

Then 'Industrial heart' of the city, now coveted waterfront real estate...   Read More

'EDEN' added to the site

Feb 03, 13

One of Yaletowns preferred residences in central location   Read More

'KEEFER BLOCK' - Chinatowns latest

Feb 01, 13

Solterra reveals its latest project located on the edge...Main Street & Keefer Street   Read More

First-time buyers will be key in market 'lifting off'

Jan 30, 13

Entry level homes are seeing a lot of activity...and offers!   Read More

Flaherty unlikely to open the vault for home buyers

Jan 29, 13

Real estate treads water as government may be backed into a corner on a fix...   Read More

'Thank you' -2012 Medallion Club Award

Jan 25, 13

Top 10% of all Van Realtors! Through your ongoing support...   Read More

Sellers must have 'ducks in a row' before launching

Jan 24, 13

Listings with wrong Marketing Mix can take several months to sell   Read More

Chinese New Year approaches ...will the Dragon awake?

Jan 29, 13

'Year of the Snake' approaches...the phones start to ring.   Read More

Sharp price! - Yaletown studio

Jan 19, 13

'Do the math' on this charming studio in central location - $289K!   Read More

Boomers may resist 'busting out' to condos

Jan 15, 13

Downsizing may prove too much for some Boomers
in coming years   Read More

Luxury market looses luster

Jan 18, 13

Immigrant investing rule changes hamper luxury home market.    Read More

Gastown Loft - 'opportunity'

Jan 18, 13

'Great bones' in this 580 sq.ft.,view Loft ready for a your TLC   Read More

Property assessment too high?

Jan 18, 13

Property owners have until January 31, 2013 to appeal over-assessments.    Read More

December sales stats just out

Jan 03, 13

Prices hold firm as home buyers and sellers conclude 2012 from the sidelines   Read More

Property Assessments only a 'guide' of Market Value

Jan 03, 13

While the assessment you receive in the mail shortly may reflect the current trend in the real estate market, your best to contact your realtor for the 'real picture' of your homes worth...   Read More

Buyers waiting for housing bubble could be in for long wait!

Dec 30, 12

Most signs pointing to improving 2013 in lower mainland housing market.   Read More

JUST SOLD! - Christmas market rally...signs of a busy spring?

Dec 30, 12

This 2 bedroom, Downtown condo at 'Electric Avenue' attracted a load of attention...   Read More

Nordstrom luxury heads north

Dec 18, 12

Vancouver Real Estate welcomes Seattle-based, luxury retailer 'Nordstrom' to centerpiece location.   Read More

New home buyers welcoming demise of HST!

Dec 18, 12

Finally the 'Liberal Blunder' known as 'HST' gets ready to bow out and just in time to breath some life into a struggling vancouver real estate market. April 2013 fast approaches while GST and PST get ready for their triumphant return...   Read More

Considering purchasing an investment property?

Dec 12, 12

Before you start shopping, I recommend you visit your banker to see how they've put the 'squeeeze' on investors!   Read More

December 21 - End of the World/Bottom of the market?

Dec 09, 12

So if December 21 is truly the end of the world, as predicted by the Mayans, then my prediction of a bottoming of the Vancouver Real Estate Market around that date should be bang on!   Read More

Vancouver home sales, listings & prices retreat!.

Dec 07, 12

While serious buyers & sellers should 'stay in the mix'! See: 'Market Minute' video & 'Area Analysis' (this page) or    Read More

Flaherty 'Flip Flops' on cooling market!

Dec 04, 12

Once 'washing his hands of cooling market' (clearly a result of his policies) he takes a bow for avoiding crash!...   Read More

Bridge tolls kick-in Dec 8!

Dec 02, 12

New Port Mann bridge may take a toll on Valley market!   Read More

Shopping the new condo market?

Nov 29, 12

Buyers beware as developers are 'masters' in the fine art of 'showhome bling'!   Read More

Listing during the holidays can pay-off!

Nov 28, 12

Ten reasons to list during the 12 days of Christmas! This can be a busy real estate season...   Read More

HST on real estate commissions comes to an end?

Nov 28, 12

April 1, 2013 brings demise of HST. So will we see
HST dropped on sales commissions?...Don't bet on it!   Read More

Large Condos - 'flavor of the coming decade'!

Nov 28, 12

Condos over 1,200 sq. ft. becoming a rare, while popular brisk sales show!   Read More

Luxury 3 bedroom Townhouse...priced to sell!

Nov 23, 12

Check out this lovely, executive Townhouse in desirable 'Crest' area of Burnaby   Read More

Title insurance an option in some cases

Nov 22, 12

Type of property may determine need for coverage...also, 'TI' may be a better option than a 'Survey'   Read More

Sales remain brisk in 'some' new home sales centers

Nov 20, 12

While re-sales struggle & prices ease in many areas, a 'select few' pre-sale projects holding their own...Good to see that there are still lots of buyers making the move!    Read More

More opting for fixed-rate mortgages

Nov 19, 12

Even with little sign of rising rates...many choosing to 'lock-in' at these attractive, low mortgage rates!   Read More

Three good reasons to pull the trigger on investment property NOW!

Nov 15, 12

While many sit and wait for the sky to fall in the market..others begin to take advantage.   Read More

Couple with child must move out!

Nov 13, 12

Age restrictive building serves notice to couple with new born. No surprise!   Read More

Remembering those that gave the ultimate sacrifice

Nov 11, 12

Another grey, rainy day in Vancouver on this somber Remembrance Day! Take a few moments to stop & think of those that made possible our rich lives in this treasured country & city. 'Lest we forget' those that have fallen and the really important things in our days.   Read More

Onni's 'BLOCK 100' comes to market (Mid-Nov)

Nov 09, 12

Situated on Southeast False Creek, perched on one of the last, prime parcels (near waterfront) in the area.   Read More

Top 5 tenant gripes about condo landlords

Nov 09, 12

While tenancy laws tend to favour tenants, Landlords are no saints either!   Read More

Hong Kong reins in property bubble!

Nov 05, 12

Vancouver real estate overpriced!
Not so fast...check out what's happening in Hong Kong to curb real estate hungry Chinese investors!   Read More

US. elections tomorrow- Obama win good for Canada...or not!

Nov 05, 12

Either's important that we get this election behind us to get back to work!   Read More

Canada's Finance Minister steps-back!

Nov 05, 12

As he nears a recessionary cliff, Finance minister says no more intervention needed to cool market...another sign that we could be nearing a bottom!   Read More

October sales stats just out!

Nov 02, 12

Sales rise slightly while listing inventory drops...A sign of the market 'feeling for a bottom'?   Read More

House flippers beware the tax man.

Nov 01, 12

You can't always sell your residence tax-free!   Read More

'EVAN' launches today!

Oct 30, 12

Realtor open for new project by 'GRECI' located at 2nd and Scotia..SOMO (South Main)   Read More

Deputy finance minister washes his hands of cooling market!

Oct 29, 12

After tightening mortgage rules & slowing housing market as planned, deputy finance minister takes no responsibility!   Read More

Vancouver Real Estate - Open Houses Sunday!

Oct 26, 12

I will be hosting public opens for two 'HOT NEW' mls listings in Downtown Vancouver & Yaletown!   Read More

Pre-sale inventory set to surge!

Oct 25, 12

Developers must stay competitive to compete...   Read More

Vancouver Downtown Condo Home - New MLS Listing!

Oct 23, 12

Featured home at 'Electric Avenue'. Two bedroom, 2 full bath in great, central Neighbourhood. Make the Move!   Read More

That's alot of Condos!

Oct 22, 12

Attended 4 Real Estate project openings last week...that's alot of pre-sale condos set to hit the market in coming weeks/months!   Read More

New Yaletown listing! - Spotless 2 bedroom...

Oct 22, 12

Check out this updated Yaletown, Vancouver Condo home boasting many updates and great location.   Read More

'Grand Central 3' - Realtor opening today

Oct 18, 12

Adjoining Coquitlam Center Mall, tower 3 goes on the block.   Read More

'Station Square' - Realtor launch today

Oct 17, 12

First of 4 towers revealed today...Large, MetroTown development by Anthem/Beedie Living with Mac Marketing quaterbacking...   Read More

'MC 2' launches today with Rennie at the helm

Oct 16, 12

I attended BIG realtor opening today..Food and some $80,000 in cash prizes. Nope...nada for me!   Read More

Borrowers dodge another bullet!

Oct 14, 12

New mortgage lending guidelines on their way... but these two proposed rules die on the table (luckily)   Read More

Owners on the hook for deductibles? - Xtra insurance & prevention are key

Oct 11, 12

In light of this, perhaps those ground floor suites will become more attractive.
   Read More

Just Sold!

Oct 09, 12

My client just purchased this fully remodelled 1 bed + den suite.(West End)   Read More

Cast your vote for Vancouver's best condo project

Oct 12, 12

The Vancouver Sun has posted finalists...but its 'No Contest' for my 'Top Pick'!   Read More

Market slowdown...Blame China!?

Oct 05, 12

Not likely as the numbers don't add-up, except in the luxury market...   Read More

One of Burnaby's finest Townhomes!

Oct 05, 12

Check out this 'Executive-Style', 3 bedroom home at much coveted 'Crescent Heights'!   Read More

September Market Stats - Buyers market continues

Oct 02, 12

Prices remain somewhat stable for the time being   Read More

Strata owners that 'opt-out' of Depreciation Reports may be hurt

Oct 01, 12

As the December 13/13 deadline looms, stratas should consider consequences of foregoing the report.   Read More

A leak in your suite can be costly!

Oct 11, 12

Condo owners should check insurance policies/ strata rules to see if covered (who pays deductible?).   Read More

'Aviara' opens to Realtors...

Sep 28, 12

Attended todays grand opening at Ledingham McAllisters new project in North Burnaby.   Read More

'Thin Streets could boost affordability'

Sep 27, 12

Proposed build-out on streets/lanes coming!   Read More

Hot listing in Renfrew gets 11 offers!

Sep 23, 12

Slow market or this price, multiple offers no surprise.   Read More

Tolls will 'take their toll' on real estate in affected areas!

Sep 23, 12

Though new tolls lower than expected (for time being), neighborhoods not subject to bridge tolls should see greater long-term price appreciation.   Read More

Borrowing from the bank of Mom & Dad?

Sep 22, 12

To prevent friction (and loses)...have it in writing!   Read More

Depreciation Reports coming soon to a condo near you!

Sep 19, 12

New reports will build confidence in buyers by providing greater disclosure in strata homes.   Read More


Sep 17, 12

Paint just dried on this large Kitsilano development.   Read More

Open today - South Burnaby (Metro Town)

Sep 15, 12

New 3 bedroom 2 bath - #301 5388 Grimmer Street   Read More

Looking ahead to Fall - September 2012

Sep 11, 12

Sellers moving-up do well in Buyer's Market!   Read More

Market not so quiet on the luxury home front!

Sep 10, 12

I've noticed good movement in the luxury condo market...with some great values out there!   Read More

'POMARIA' added to site!

Sep 06, 12

Luxury near the shores of False Creek features Geothermal heat/cooling...   Read More

August sales stumble while prices stable!

Sep 05, 12

Even with last months sales off some 30% vs. Aug 2011, thus far many prices remain somewhat resilient.    Read More

After all these years in real estate, you'd think i'd know what a bedroom is!

Sep 04, 12

Misinformed neighbour insists that my 2 bedroom listing really 1 bed + den!    Read More

'RICHARDS' added to site!

Sep 01, 12

Recently completed Yaletown project by Aquilini Devels. Great central location...see all the details   Read More

The wrong price may scare buyers away!

Aug 29, 12

Now more than ever, sellers (with help of their Realtor) need to pay special attention in setting price!   Read More

Brentwood Town Center to get new life

Sep 01, 12

Plans tabled for MASSIVE development which will revitalize Burnaby's oldest shoppping Mall include 70 storey tower!...   Read More

'PATINA' added to the site

Aug 28, 12

42 storey luxury tower in the heart of the Downtown peninsula..   Read More

BOSA charges ahead with VOLT!

Aug 27, 12

Electric Vehicle charging stations in some of their new projects....that's smart!   Read More

Market stabilizing?...

Aug 24, 12

Two offers plus back-up offers on each of last my 2 sales indicates this market may be looking for solid footing.   Read More

Pro-active selling in this market-5 key considerations...

Aug 21, 12

Sellers should be advised as to what they need to hear vs. what they want to hear!   Read More

$900,000 in your jeans does not open a lot of doors!

Aug 18, 12

While the media proclaims 'Buyers Market', home shoppers may be in for a 'wake-up call' in their home searh.   Read More

SOLD in 1 week! 'KITS' 2 bedroom...

Aug 17, 12

Contrary to all the negative media headlines out there, clean, well-priced homes sell quickly!   Read More

Plans out for Downtown South

Aug 18, 12

Could 'DT-South' become Vancouver's next hot neighborhood?    Read More

Vancouver ranks as world's third most liveable city

Aug 16, 12

Forget all this doom & gloom in the housing market...Vancouver continues to shine!   Read More

Luxury homes take the brunt of market easing...

Aug 15, 12

No surprise though considering the run-up in prices over last few years!   Read More

888 Pacific Street' - added to site. Value in a great location!

Aug 16, 12

'Pacific Promenade' offers a great False Creek/Yaletown location with affordable homes.   Read More

'Boomers' set to explode into condo market!

Aug 11, 12

A few more interesting facts that point to a supply shortage, with the help of 'Boomers', in the coming years.   Read More

New home starts to fall in second half.

Aug 10, 12

Could this be more evidence of a shortage of homes
in the near future?    Read More

Most First-time buyers wish they had a second chance!

Aug 10, 12

Wishing they had bought sooner & with bigger downpayment.   Read More

Like New! - 2 bedroom view suite - Burnaby North

Aug 05, 12

Paint just dry & new flooring just installed!
This home has it all...   Read More

It's Hot! - New Listing in KITS...

Aug 03, 12

'Like New' 2 bedroom 1 bath in great building.
$439,800!   Read More

Market takes a breather...(part 3)

Aug 02, 12

As for China...with 1.11 millionaires!   Read More

Market takes a breather...(part 2)

Aug 02, 12

How long & how much? Shortage looming in the long term!   Read More

Market takes a summer long & how much?

Jul 31, 12

A few interesting points that I took away from yesterday's market update session...   Read More

Ground floor suites can be a challenging sale!

Jul 30, 12

Developers charge a premium for these homes but 'Buyers Beware'!   Read More

'Beverley Gardens'- Added to site

Jul 26, 12

Solid building, modest prices, efficient floor plans plus great location!    Read More

Georgia & Dunsmuir viaducts could be demolished

Jul 25, 12

Its nearly over for these 2 dinosaurs taking-up valuable land.   Read More

Busy first half for concrete condo projects

Jul 25, 12

A record 6,000 new units to market with 55% sold!   Read More

Government making life difficult for our Iranian Community

Jul 24, 12

Government steps in to restrict flow of Money from Iran.    Read More

'Against the odds'!...Busy Summer Open House

Jul 22, 12

Holding an open house this time of year can leave some Realtors scratching their heads.    Read More

'Pre-mature Offer' can cost buyer...& seller!

Jul 23, 12

New listing to market?...buyers may want to 'Step-back' before entering into negotiation! (unless, of course, they must have the home!)   Read More

Planning a condo renovation?

Jul 20, 12

Don't forget to 'top-off' your insurance.   Read More

Mid-summer market review

Jul 21, 12

'Its safe to say that upward pressure on prices has diminished'...for the time being!   Read More

Showcase Home...Not the Seller!

Jul 19, 12

De-cluttering, touching-up & staging is complete. Take a few more steps to 'keep things personal'.   Read More

JUST SOLD in less than 1 month!

Jul 19, 12

Spotless Fairview condo finds perfect new owner.   Read More


Jul 17, 12

'DONOVAN' - 1 Bedroom + Den. It's HOT!!...but Air Conditioned.   Read More

Balanced financial plan? Real estate should be top of mind!

Jul 15, 12

With the state/corruption in the global financial markets, perhaps a balanced portifio should be Real Estate (in both hands)   Read More

Attended 'One of the Best' Realtor openings last eve.

Jul 11, 12

Residences at world-class Hotel Georgia. Unparalled luxury, amenities/services & location!   Read More

Slowing Chinese economy to slow our market?

Jul 10, 12

Conference Board stating the obvious, albeit several months too late for luxury home sellers...   Read More

JUST SOLD! Jellicoe finds new owner

Jul 06, 12

A bit surprised it dragged-on as is a great suite   Read More

Greater Van sales down for June.

Jul 04, 12

Sales finisihing the month at 10 year low means serious buyers should start getting serious?   Read More

JUST REDUCED $200K! Seller serious...

Jul 05, 12

One of Brentwood’s finest homes   Read More

JUST SOLD $100K less from original list price!

Jul 02, 12

Fairview townhouse demonstrates some great deals in market right now!   Read More

Talking Real Estate still tops for Vancouverites...

Jul 02, 12

...and the occasional US. Customs officer.   Read More

'THREE HARBOUR GREEN' releases select homes!

Jun 29, 12

And I thought it was sold out!...Over 20 homes available in Coal Harbour's most Exclusive Residence.   Read More

Photo Matters! The right shot in real estate

Jun 27, 12

I rencently attended a photography course... here's a few highlights of catching the right shot in real estate.   Read More

'SOLO DISTRICT' launches in North Burnaby

Jun 26, 12

One of largest master-planned communities in lower mainland!   Read More

Cemetery view a tough sell for some

Jun 24, 12

Many Asian cultures simply 'opt-out'.   Read More

Lending rules tighten! (as of July 9)

Jun 21, 12

Rather than raising interest rates, Bank of Canada has opted for other ways to 'stabilze' market.   Read More

SOLD! 1500 Hornby Street, Yaletown...

Jun 21, 12

Lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in waterfront complex.   Read More great price!

Jun 19, 12

New 1 Bed home at 'DISTRICT' fetches top dollar..   Read More


Jun 19, 12

Brand New 1 bedroom, South Slopes - $288,800   Read More

Buildings under the tarp offer opportunity!

Jun 14, 12

Buyers should not discount these "Diamonds in the rough"!
   Read More


Jun 09, 12

Loft-Style home Mount Pleasant. Open Sunday 2:30-4:30   Read More

"ELECTRA" added to 'Featured Buildings'

Jun 09, 12

A Vancouver Landmark - Once BC Hydro's Corp. headquarters. Check it out!   Read More


Jun 09, 12

Visit me at 302-511 West 7th Ave. Two bed two bath, $498,800...   Read More

'MODERN' launches this week

Jun 08, 12

Realtor Open yesterday with positive reviews.   Read More

Market Stats - May 2012

Jun 04, 12

No surprises here with market steady while easing into Summer!   Read More

Downtown Studio SELLS FAST!

Jun 04, 12

Sale in less than 2 weeks - Strong demand in entry level of market!   Read More

Market picking-up steam!

Jun 04, 12

More calls and showings...sales soon to follow?   Read More


Jun 02, 12

Great value here for large 1 bedroom home in popular location.    Read More

'WEST' Launches this weekend - Southeast False Creek

Jun 01, 12

New project by 'Executive Group Devel.' opens this weekend.   Read More

Aquilini Developments to construct 614 Apartments

May 31, 12

Rising rental market means 614 suites slated for downtown.   Read More

Rental rates & Real Estate prices re-balance. (as usual)

May 29, 12

Market takes a breather...rents rise while investor interest starts to 'perk-up'!   Read More

LOCAL - On Lonsdale

May 26, 12

Anthem has a winner on the North Shore!   Read More

SIZE does matter!

May 25, 12

If your a lender.   Read More

NEW LISTING - Great Eastside location.

May 24, 12

Compare the value on this 754 sq. ft. home -$318,000!   Read More

Long weekends can cause havoc in real estate

May 21, 12

Mostly because many realtors head out of town for a break.   Read More

Summer Market Early....

May 19, 12

With a little good weather, buyers head for the beach...while they should be house hunting!   Read More

OPEN HOUSE- #302 - 511 West 7th Ave

May 19, 12

Fairview, 2 bed, 2 full bath in great location/building!   Read More

NEW LISTING! 1 Bed + Den, Coal Harbour Views

May 18, 12

Nearly 700 sq. ft. prime 23rd floor, ocean view home at $479!...a 'PASCO'S PICK' for sure.   Read More

My clients 'WIN THE DAY'!

May 17, 12

Hot listing in Mount Pleasant/City Hall attracts mutiple offers!...with my clients successful in their bid/purchase.   Read More


May 15, 12

price on this spotless 2 bed, 2 bath home. *$498,800!   Read More


May 18, 12

Studio home in central downtown location!
$245,000   Read More

"Over the TOP"- Sometimes, New Home Sales Centers can lead one astray...

May 13, 12

Buyers may be well advised to put all the sales center glitz and frenzy aside and look exactly at what their buying in that pre-sale home.    Read More


May 13, 12

Visit me at #302-511 West 7th Ave, Sunday May 13, 2:30-4pm. Spotless, 2 bedroom, 2 bath NW corner suite...$508,800.   Read More

"Stigmatized" properties may be scary!

May 12, 12

Murder, suicide, criminal activity and even hauntings...a property Stigmatized with a negative historic event can be a tough sell.   Read More

Small price to pay for perks

May 11, 12

Buyers willing to pay maintenance fees for luxury of low maintenance living.   Read More

Rental rates could see a steady rise!

May 07, 12

Tenants may want to look to Government for part of the blame!   Read More

Don't miss out on the open!

May 05, 12

Sunday 2-4 at 511 West 7th Ave - Fairview 2 bed 2 bath. This home is attracting a ton of attention!   Read More

ONNI puts on great party!

May 05, 12

'BRAG' event a great success last night...   Read More

market smart? price it well!

May 02, 12

April Market Stats just out!   Read More

Just hit market!

May 01, 12

Spotless 2 bed, 2 full bth in Great 'Fairview' Building.   Read More

Real Estate words to make one leery.

May 02, 12

Searching for a home? Some words may hold a hidden meaning.   Read More

offers rolling in.

May 02, 12

Busy North Burnaby open house resulted in two offers!   Read More

Very Busy Open House!

Apr 29, 12

Burnaby Townhouse was swamped with home shoppers.
   Read More

OPEN HOUSE - North Burnaby Townhouse.

Apr 28, 12

Spotless 3-4 Bedroom home in popular Forest Hills.   Read More

SOLD! - LARGE 1 Bedroom home/BIG 'Value'!

Apr 28, 12

Very Nice Yaletown home sold in 4 days! 888 Pacific Street.
   Read More

'NEW LOOK' website 'up & running'

Apr 25, 12

After several months in design & planning it's finally here!   Read More

Larkfield Town house- NEW PRICE!

Apr 24, 12

3-4 Bedroom home reduced to $518,800!   Read More

New Listing! - Fairview

Apr 24, 12

Spotless 2 bedroom, 2 bath home...   Read More

'Telus Gardens' - not so 'Sold Out?!

Apr 21, 12

After much media hype of a quick 'sell out' the story appears to be changing.    Read More

'EVELYN' is a GO!

Apr 19, 12

West Vans most significant condo project 'Breaks ground' yesterday.   Read More

RITZ-CARLTON set to rise again!

Apr 18, 12

60-storey tower on Georgia Street gets green light.(again)   Read More

So you think Vancouver Real Estate is expensive?

Apr 18, 12

A report from New York's pricey real estate market.   Read More

MAC Marketing rolls out the red carpet for Realtors

Apr 18, 12

'Golden Cube' Awards held last night and it was done right!    Read More

Market at a Glance....

Apr 15, 12

Busy weekend with lots of buyers re-activating!   Read More

Coming Soon! Spotless, 2 bed home in great Downtown building!

Apr 15, 12

"ELECTRIC AVENUE" Great floor plan, location and building. $587,800!

   Read More

'Depreciation Report' requirements - 'wake-up call'...for some stratas!

Apr 13, 12

Under budgeted & poorly maintained buildings may become a thing of the past! (as well low maintenance fees)   Read More

My 'New Look' site coming soon!

Apr 11, 12

Hopefully,after several months of re-design it's close to re-launch (fingers crossed for next week).   Read More

JUST LISTED! 'Brentwood Park' home.

Apr 15, 12

One of the area's finest homes...   Read More

Market 'picking-up steam' for Spring!

Apr 09, 12

Seems like well-priced listings attracting alot of attention.   Read More

Attended opening of "The MET' last night (not the concert hall)

Apr 06, 12

A well attended opening with an impressive building.   Read More

Howe @ Pacific Development put to public.

Apr 06, 12

Visited public open house for Westbank's HUGE new project at Howe and Pacific.   Read More


Apr 03, 12

Not sure what happened! Visited Saturday afternoon with 80% sold at the time and by Monday it was SOLD OUT!!   Read More

March 2012 market stats just out!

Apr 03, 12

Increased selection helps maintain balance in Greater Vancouver.   Read More

'Telus Garden' - 80% SOLD!?

Mar 31, 12

As I suspected, most of the lower priced homes sold! (no more 1 beds/1 + dens)   Read More

Off to see 'Telus Gardens' and '1265 Barclay' on Saturday

Mar 31, 12

Two new launches...Grand openings may not be so Grand!   Read More


Mar 29, 12

POCO townhouse sells in a few weeks!
208-2432 Welcher Street.   Read More

'FIRMA' - adjusts prices!

Mar 29, 12

After attending the BIG launch...price ajustments seemed required   Read More

'GRACE' on Richards - last nights viewing mixed reviews

Mar 27, 12

Great finishings and 4 star luxury building but floor plan leaves one scratching ones head...   Read More

Busy Open House - North Burnaby

Mar 27, 12

3 bedroom Townhouse had 15 groups through on first open!   Read More

'AZURA' - Open House! Sunday March 25, 12-1:30pm

Mar 25, 12

Waterfront luxury - One bedroom on 31st Floor!    Read More

New Listing Alert! - Townhouse in 'Prime North Burnaby'

Mar 22, 12

*Sneak preview* for this home slated to hit the market this Friday with Open House following on Sunday...   Read More

New Price means 'Best Value in the Area'!

Mar 19, 12

3105 at 'AZURA' just reduced and is worth a good look!   Read More

False Creek leases leave some uncertainty.

Mar 18, 12

As leases with the City of Vancouver wind down in 2038, many owners and prospective buyers may be left wondering...   Read More

New or resale...busy day in the market.

Mar 18, 12

Show home centers and re-sale open houses all busy on this sunny Saturday   Read More

Radiant Heating/Cooling systems

Mar 14, 12

Next wave in 'Green Building' with heating savings up to 52%!...but very expensive for developers!   Read More

'TELUS GARDEN' - Insider Preview

Mar 14, 12

My clients first to preview this massive new project...mixed reviews   Read More

'Market Minute' - Video

Mar 10, 12

See the latest market Stats for February 2012 - GVREB.   Read More

Thinking of working with that 'BIG Real Estate Team'?

Mar 10, 12

Sometimes working with that 'BIG Team' can be a bit challenging for us other Realtors and more importantly clients!    Read More

Hot New Listing!..POCO Townhouse.

Mar 09, 12

This 2 bedroom, 2 bath home will Move FAST!   Read More

'Green Roofs' may have restoration companies seeing green again!

Mar 06, 12

Appearance of green roofs in many new developments may be cause for concern.   Read More

'Spectrum' - Buyers see's the light - SOLD!

Mar 06, 12

I just sold my listing at Spectrum!
#706-602 Citadel Parade.   Read More

Market Stats just out! - Feb 2012

Mar 02, 12

Greater Vancouver housing market trends near long-term averages as spring market approaches   Read More


Mar 03, 12

Now for something a bit different...Cressey 'steps out' to launch `Loft-style` homes near Olympic Village.   Read More

Buyers Back!

Feb 24, 12

Albeit buyers are still moving at a somewhat cautious pace...amazing the difference a week can make.    Read More

Commercial Market heats-up!

Feb 24, 12

I just sold my warehouse/industrial listing at 8828 Heather st. Marpole   Read More

New home sales centers busy...resales far behind?

Feb 21, 12

Recent announcement of HST transition on new homes can only help resale market. Here's why...   Read More

Government announces new HST/PST housing transitional rules

Feb 17, 12

Finally some relief from this dreaded tax on new homes. Threshold raised from $525k to $850K while Maximum rebate increased to $42,500 from $26,250 (beginning April 1, 2012).   Read More

‘999 Seymour’ a fit for the area/investors.

Feb 18, 12

Building holds ‘investor appeal’ while owner-occupiers may be better served elsewhere.
   Read More

New offering at 'VERSANTE' - 1 bedroom in central Richmond

Feb 13, 12

4 year young, 571 sq. ft., view suite in great, concrete building next to Lansdowne Mall.
Value priced at $325,800!   Read More

Vancouver Real Estate Board - January 2012 Update

Feb 12, 12

Quick market review from the REBGV. Market balances with new sellers/listings outpacing buyers/sales activity. 'Buyers have an opportunity' (Video)   Read More

New offering at 'AZURA ONE' - One of Yaletowns finest!

Feb 07, 12

I just listed this amazing, 750 sq. ft. 1 bedroom + den home at popular 'AZURA ONE"- 3105-1438 Richards street.   Read More

‘Collection 45’ tasteful addition to SOMO.

Feb 05, 12

This ‘architectural sculpture’ in SOMO/Mount Pleasant may be a good fit for urbanites looking for something a bit different. 125 East 8th Avenue.

   Read More

Great value in suburbs…for NOW!!

Feb 05, 12

Just SOLD this ‘Yaletown-Style Loft’ in Port Moody center
515-121 Brew Street.
   Read More

QR codes hit the least on my ride.

Feb 04, 12

Could I be one of the first to have mobile QR code?   Read More


Feb 03, 12

Just SOLD $1.9M luxury Condo in Coal Harbour! Shaw Tower - 1077 W. Cordova.   Read More

Market Pulse...

Jan 29, 12

Seems that the frost is beginning to thaw off many buyers as things begin to heat-up for the Spring market.    Read More

‘LIDO’ brings Luxury to the area!

Jan 29, 12

Got the chance to drop by today…sorry I missed the ‘BIG’ realtor open!   Read More

'Lido' Set to launch!

Jan 29, 12

BOSA Developments ready release ‘LIDO’ very soon! Sales commencing in Feb!
   Read More

‘CENTRAL’ is a hit!

Jan 24, 12

A truly unique development boasting “Skybridge” architecture setting it apart from ‘ALL’ competitors. Heck…its even 'FENG SHUI SAVVY'.   Read More

Skinny Condos make debut

Jan 23, 12

Slim buildings begin to appear in Vancouver (Video)   Read More

‘OPSAL’ on False Creek South. ‘Entry level’ homes where East meets West

Jan 22, 12

A 24 storey tower boasting pleasing Architecture plus BASTION DEVELOPMENT’s preservation/resurrection of a piece of Vancouver history… the 1918 ‘OPSAL Steel building’.

   Read More

‘Richards’ Stellar Yaletown location while finishing’s not so much…

Jan 18, 12

Sublime Architecture & ‘entry level’ finishing’s provide reasonable/affordable choice for investors or price conscious first timers.   Read More

Busy Open House...'Best indicator for busy Spring'

Jan 16, 12

Downtown Open House gets plenty of attention!   Read More

Today I previewed ‘MADDOX’ (MAD-DOX) in upcoming Downtown/Yaletown area.

Jan 14, 12

The ‘Platinum Collection’ (26th flr +) earn an ‘8 out of 10’ & feature Italian 'Armony Cucine' kitchens.    Read More

Great 1 bedroom in South Burnaby

Jan 13, 12

Like New suite in popular 'MacPherson Walk'
(NO HST)and move in today!   Read More

I recently previewed ‘The Mark’ & was rather impressed.

Jan 15, 12

'The Mark' pleases but a view home requires deep pockets!   Read More

One of Downtown's Best Deals!

Jan 10, 12

Just listed this 2 bedroom home at 'Spectrum'
OPEN this SAT/SUN! Don't miss out...   Read More

Property Assessments are out

Jan 05, 12

House Assessments soar outpacing some price jumps!   Read More

Burnaby Heights latest project set to release!

Jan 03, 12

'FIRMA' in the Heights is set to hit the market in early Spring. It will be hot!   Read More

Just listed - One of Downtown's Best values!

Jan 01, 12

A definite 'PASCO PICK'! Spotless, 2 Bed, corner suite in newer building...$448,800!   Read More

Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 11

Best to you and your family for a happy & prosperous 2012! Chinese New Year starts Jan 23, 2012.   Read More

Government bungling of HST slowing market...perhaps on purpose!

Dec 26, 11

Could Government be employing HST to slow market?   Read More

Could be a sale under the tree this Christmas?

Dec 24, 11

Boxing week sales in Real Estate...Starting Dec 26!   Read More

Just Sold - Luxury living in West Van's...'Evelyn'

Dec 22, 11

My cleint opted for 1 of the few remaining 'Cliffside' terrace homes.    Read More

Coal Harbour - Open House, Sun 2:30-4:00

Dec 16, 11

Spotless, 1 + den on 31st floor! #3104-1189 Melville St.   Read More

Buying a foreclosure sounds too good to be true?...

Dec 12, 11

Buyers should be made aware of the complexities/pitfalls of dealing in this area as it’s not for everyone.   Read More

May be best to 'take a pass' on grow-op

Dec 10, 11

Buyer sees the light and decides against purchasing that re-mediated grow-op!   Read More

Third times a charm?...not if your this seller!

Nov 30, 11

Ok…we give up...(at least my buyer has)…
I tried 3 times to take my client to preview of a luxury condo in Coal Harbour!

   Read More

JUST LISTED..."Mr. Fix-it house"

Nov 29, 11

Good Bones! Nice corner lot in a great area....$509,900 (below assessed value) Ladner (Delta)   Read More

JUST SOLD!...3 bedroom Townhouse in N. Surrey

Nov 25, 11

In just over a month, we sold for just under asking price!    Read More

JUST SOLD!... this great 1 bedroom home in the Royal City

Nov 25, 11

Forget renting and the stock market…its time to make the best move.   Read More

Today I visited '258' development in New Westminster

Nov 21, 11

Much anticipated release is slated for Nov me for more details/prices.   Read More

Today I visited West Vancouvers latest development ‘EVELYN’.

Nov 17, 11

Best suites in this landmark project near sold out!
   Read More

Small price reduction leads to 'Multiple Offers'

Nov 16, 11

Dropped #302-9580 Prince Charles by a few thousand resulting in 2 competing offers!   Read More

Just reduced Suite 2003 at Shaw Tower. While competitor raises price?

Nov 16, 11

Now one of the best values in the building (if not Coal Harbour!)

   Read More

Drug sniffing pooches could become the norm.

Nov 16, 11

This new approach could become more popular in many Condo developments...    Read More

As 2012 approaches, many begin to contemplate a move

Nov 07, 11

Here's a great article I found called "Surviving the sale". Staging a property to maximize the results.   Read More

Jameson House re-launch!

Nov 06, 11

Attended ‘Jameson House’ re-launch last week in which the remaining homes were put back on the block.    Read More

Waterfront home for about $4,000/step!

Nov 05, 11

In Coal Harbour, be prepared to pay about $200,000/block as you move closer to the waterfront!    Read More

Clocks roll back this Sunday

Nov 04, 11

Realtors adjust home tours/previews as required.   Read More

‘Market short’…October sales stats just out

Nov 03, 11

In one sentence…'Sellers must be mindful of the local market conditions to ensure they are pricing competitively’.    Read More

New Price! - 3 bedroom townhouse, Surrey

Oct 31, 11

Adjusted price (to prime the pump a bit) to $318,800!   Read More

Open House Sun 2:30-4:00

Oct 28, 11

'No trick..just a real treat here'! 2 bedroom home in Fraserview area. $338,800! (great price)
204-8495 Jellicoe (at Marine)   Read More

Open House - Sat 2:30-4:00

Oct 28, 11

Charming 3 bedroom townhome in prime 'Central City' (Surrey) location. #302-9580 Prince Charles BV.   Read More

Hot New Price! 2 bedroom in great building.

Oct 26, 11

Just reduced 204-8495 Jellico, East Vancouver
$338,800... Watch for "open home" this coming weekend   Read More

JUST LISTED! Coal Harbour home...

Oct 25, 11

Gorgeous 1 + den on 31st floor at 'The Melville'   Read More

HST delays causing hardship for industry

Oct 22, 11

Governments in-action costing jobs for one of BC's largest employers.   Read More

Coming Soon! - Coal Harbour 1 bed + den...

Oct 20, 11

'Living the high life'!...from the 30th floor home in Coal Harbour   Read More

'Competing buyers' turns to 'competitive sellers'

Oct 18, 11

How a few months can change a market. Sellers need to adapt...quickly!   Read More

"Boomers and Bombay"

Oct 17, 11

Continued information regarding "The next wave"   Read More

OPEN HOUSE!- 3 bedroom Townhouse #302-9580 Prince Charles (at 96th Ave)

Oct 15, 11

Please drop today (Sat 2:30-4) by and view this spotless home in North Surrey.    Read More

India, Saudi Arabia and Boomer (Zoomers) buyers set to activate!

Oct 15, 11

India and Saudi Arabia have surpassed China in number of hits/visitors to my site.    Read More

HST questions quiet new home market..

Oct 13, 11

As I predicted when HST was defeated, new home sales have dropped    Read More

'KURIO' launches…finally! Adding value to services we offer our clients

Oct 12, 11

Today I was among the first to attend KURIO's launch/orientation in the Vancouver Market.   Read More

New listing alert!

Oct 10, 11

Spotless 3 bedroom, 2 bath Townhome   Read More

October 2011 a big month for "Feng Shui"

Oct 10, 11

Known as "Moneybag year"..This October unique for 823 years!   Read More

5 bedroom house in great area! "EXCLUSIVE"

Oct 05, 11

Just listed this great family home in “Prime Willingdon Heights” neighbourhood.    Read More

E-signatures, electronic agreements held-up by courts

Oct 05, 11

Courts & Real Estate council says e-signature fine as "wet" signature..   Read More

Be aware that Strata Documents may not reveal all

Sep 30, 11

Relying on Form B (and strata docs) can be a gamble   Read More

Leasehold condo owners get ready to pay the price

Sep 29, 11

Not one say "I told you so" but in my entire Real Estate career, I've always advised those considering buying leasehold in this area to be on guard...luckily, most chose not to take the plunge.   Read More

2 Bedroom + Den...$349,900! OPEN THIS SUNDAY

Sep 29, 11

Garden patio home near the shores of the Fraser River...perfect for family pet!   Read More

Now that HST is history, its time to revisit the PTT!

Sep 22, 11

Creating jobs starts with making housing more affordable   Read More

Vancouver luxury market continues on...

Sep 21, 11

Luxury/upper-end homes lead has some similarities to U.S.   Read More

Where did all those buyers go?

Sep 19, 11

Those that forgo August vacations can capitalize   Read More

Buyers regaining some areas - Aug Sales stats just out.

Sep 03, 11

Some segments are becoming 'buyer market' territory!   Read More

Burnaby Newsletter just out!

Aug 15, 11

Burnaby continues to be bright spot in our market   Read More

Another SOLD! - 2 bedroom at "THE SAVOY"

Aug 09, 11

August offers a great time for Condo buyers to shop around without (in most cases) the threat of competing offers.   Read More

Stock Market 'Meltdown' real estate close behind?

Aug 05, 11

In fact, quite the opposite is true...if the last equity market collapse in 2008 is any indication!   Read More

Market offers greater selection while sales stable

Aug 03, 11

More active sellers provides some relief for buyers   Read More

Thieves targeting empty homes!

Jul 28, 11

what will they think of next? Make your realtor aware when posting home pics or video tours!!   Read More

New ‘PATINA’ comes to market “Again”!

Jul 27, 11

Its been 2 years since pre-sale buyers lined-up for a chance to buy at 'PATINA' and now, just as soon as many of these new home owners have their keys, 20-30 suites come to the re-sale market.    Read More

To rent or not to rent – Investors “heads-up”!

Jul 24, 11

Changes to the Strata Property Act may limit rentals or not!   Read More

HST referendum getting close...I know how I'm voting!

Jul 22, 11

After visiting a new home sales center yesterday, any question I may have had in voting ‘YES’ (kill the tax) has been quickly put to rest.   Read More

Another SOLD! ...(in less than 1 month)

Jul 18, 11

"Seagate" 307-2575 W. 4th Ave, Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC.   Read More

Another SOLD! (in under 1 month!)

Jul 16, 11

Just sold my listing at MONDRIAN ONE - 1106-989 Richards!    Read More

“Sale to Show Ratio” & “Busy Street Sale”…my own daily gauge of market health.

Jul 16, 11

Sure there’s the media and their outdated/biased market reports…however, I can tell you the general health of the market on any given day!   Read More

2-5-10 Year Home Warranty - Buyer Beware!

Jul 16, 11

Buyers should take a closer look as this 'limited coverage' on that new house or condo is not all it's cracked-up to be! Best to familiarize yourself rather than being dissappointed.   Read More

Price adjustment...expect a busy open!

Jul 07, 11

Just reduced price on my KITSILANO listings...Phone ringing off the hook!   Read More

Vancouver Real Estate market 'balanced' - July stats just out!

Jul 06, 11

Houses & Condos 'sales leaders' with house prices surging!   Read More

Invasion of the 'EN's' takes hold!

Jul 05, 11

Sure it was inevitable but I've never seen more buyers from this category activate in all my 18 years at large!!   Read More

10 secrets of Home Staging

Jul 01, 11

Sellers take a competitive market you need this edge   Read More

Mid-year review and who's buying...

Jun 28, 11

Great article about Vancouver Real Estate June 17,2011   Read More

Deferring property you qualify?

Jun 28, 11

Tax time here(july 5) with many choosing to defer taxes   Read More

KITS' hottest deal! Vancouver Real Estate.

Jun 22, 11

1 bedroom in 'SEAGATE' could this be Kitsilano, Vancouver's top deal?   Read More

Kitsilano 1 bedroom- JUST LISTED!

Jun 22, 11

'SEAGATE' on 4th!. Nearly 700 sq. ft. in great building   Read More

Real estate listing Coming Soon - Kitsilano 1 bedroom!

Jun 18, 11

Popular "Seagate" property in North of 4th location. "Kitsilano cool" one of Vancouver's best locals...   Read More

Real estate coming to market Soon...2 bedroom + den - HOT PRICE!

Jun 18, 11

Yaletown's 'MONDRIAN ONE'! One of Vancouver's finest buildings    Read More

Burnaby 'Realty Check' - Market Update

Jun 10, 11

A quick review of Red Hot housing market in Burnaby   Read More

Foreclosures...not for all buyers

Jun 04, 11

Prowling the foreclosure market in hopes of finding an amazing deal? Don’t get your hopes up just yet!
   Read More

Signs of an over-priced listing

Jun 02, 11

Best to avoid an un-motivated seller?   Read More

Vancouver Real Estate Market stats just out (June 2011)

Jun 18, 11

High-end homes lead the way in prices increases with sales steady overall.   Read More


May 27, 11

5 Star living at "SHAW TOWER"   Read More

SOLD in 1 month!

May 17, 11

102-2555 W. 4th Ave..."Kits living at its best"!   Read More

April Sales report is out!

May 08, 11

April Sales decline lead by Condos but listings down also   Read More

Visited Burnaby Heights new ‘Union’... and here's my take.

May 08, 11

Burnaby Heights latest addition to a handful, but growing number of small condo developments in this great neighbourhood.    Read More

NEW LISTING ALERT! Central Richmond.

May 03, 11

Great 1 bedroom in "VERSANTE" - Lansdownes finest!   Read More

'Waynes Realty World' - New home rating...Brentwoods new ‘Vantage’

May 02, 11

I just visited Brentwood’s latest addition to the high-rise pack. 'Vantage' is a 30 storey tower next door to the 'Mosaic & Fresco Towers' (very similar exteriors) which happen to be built by Embassy/Bosa also.
   Read More

Kitsilano - Open this weekend!

Apr 29, 11

102-2555 W 4th Ave, Large 2 bed, 2 bath with big , priv patio!   Read More

Got it done… That was close!

Apr 25, 11

Sold 310 -1080 Broughton Street…Very near asking in just over 1 month!   Read More

$1,500.00 in legal fees to borrow $35,000!

Apr 19, 11

Wow…be careful when borrowing for your deposit when between a sale and purchase of homes.

   Read More

New listing at “SEAGATE” in prime KITS location

Apr 11, 11

This spotless 2 bed, 2 bath just listed.   Read More

March 2011 Sales Stats out...MARKET STRONG!

Apr 04, 11

Continued strength with momentum building all categories   Read More

That SOLD fast!

Apr 04, 11

We just sold 4222 Dundas street in a few days for several thousand over list!!    Read More

Just listed - Charming Vancouver Heights home!

Mar 28, 11

Check out this spotless 5 bedroom, family home.
Open Sat 2-4pm. 4222 Dundas Street (at Carleton Ave)   Read More

House market is in a "Frenzied state"

Mar 25, 11

Demand and sale prices of houses is as frenzied as I’ve seen it!   Read More

Price adjusted to move!

Mar 25, 11

Just reduced! #310-1080 Broughton Street.   Read More

950 Cambie Street added to the site

Mar 12, 11

Check out "PACIFIC PLACE" Concords first, major development in Vancouver...   Read More

West End - Great 1 bedroom!

Mar 04, 11

Coming Soon!- Great 665 sq. ft. home in "Broughton Terrace" (310-1080 Broughton Street, Van.   Read More

Price still most important of the 4 - P's

Feb 23, 11

Olympic Village - A case study for Marketing 101!   Read More

"AUGUSTINE GARDENS"- added to the site

Feb 17, 11

Check out this affordable alternative in "KITS" living   Read More

Kitsilano Penthouse - just listed

Feb 11, 11

Amazing views...fully renovated, top floor corner suite. ** Open Sat/Sun** - PH 404-2010 W. 8th Ave   Read More

Will 2011 be the year for a move-up? What’s your first move…

Feb 09, 11

Sell first or buy first? Likely the first strategy you’ll need to resolve.
   Read More

"33" added to the site

Feb 02, 11

Ultra-contemporary loft-style homes next to Chinatown.   Read More

Stability & regional 'Hot Spots'

Feb 02, 11

January housing market balanced with 'Sellers market' for Van Westside & Richmond.   Read More

"700 West 8th"- added to the site

Feb 01, 11

Once completed (2012), this may be one of the most sought after addresses in the Westside.   Read More

Radiant Heating/Cooling

Feb 01, 11

Ever wonder how it works?   Read More

"VICEROY"- added to the site

Jan 28, 11

Central Mount Pleasant location offering amazing views...   Read More

Built Green - "LUMEN" added to site.

Jan 27, 11

New, Kitsilano Loft-style homes...   Read More

No panic at the banks!

Jan 26, 11

Impending mortgage rule changes slated for March 18, has yet to result in a wave of pre-approvals.   Read More

Your property assessment ballooning?...don't spend that extra money yet!

Jan 26, 11

BC. Assessments over-shooting values...time to appeal?    Read More

New mortgage rules - Gov't putting brakes on Real Estate (again)

Jan 24, 11

Feds won't rest until they see this Real Estate market relax or in full retreat!   Read More

Houses in short supply! - Burnaby North Update

Jan 14, 11

Shortage of homes on the market part to blame for sales slip...   Read More

101 ideas for preparing your condo for sale.

Jan 13, 11

Quickest way to get ideas for your pre-sale staging/renos?   Read More

Visited 700 West 8th yesterday.

Jan 13, 11

West Banks (builder of Shangri-la/Fairmont) new high-rise condo project in Fairview Slopes.

   Read More

Sign of the times

Jan 14, 11

If busy presentation center any sign of what's to come.   Read More

Tax assessments are out.

Jan 08, 11

Before you ask for a re-assessment, do some research.    Read More

Looking back at 2010

Jan 07, 11

"its been a bit of a roller-coaster ride"   Read More

HST referendum set for Sept 24, 2011.

Jan 02, 11

I suspect the referendum will (and needs to) be held sooner. HST is another 'tax grab' that has taken another bite from us already over-taxed consumers!   Read More


Dec 22, 10

Best of the Holidays and 2011!   Read More

Got it done! - SOLD in 1 week!

Dec 11, 10

Who said December is a slow month?   Read More

Real Estate Sales Commissions a concern?

Jan 03, 11

Be careful how you approach this sensitive topic.
Offering a Buyers Agent a reduced commission may cost you money in the end!   Read More

Our market has "bottomed"?

Dec 07, 10

Broker takes contrary position to CREA...   Read More

Open House this weekend

Dec 03, 10

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting and OPEN HOUSE this Sunday 1-3:00pm at #205-1080 Broughton Street, West End.   Read More

"New Yorker" added to the site

Dec 01, 10

Yaletowns original "Warehouse-Loft" conversion.   Read More

"Broughton Terrace"- just added to site

Nov 28, 10

Great building in Prime West End local.   Read More

Thinking of setting a “hot list price” in hopes of multiple offers?

Nov 26, 10

Careful what you wish for as a multiple offer situation does not necessarily mean selling over asking (or even close) and will scare some buyers away from the table!   Read More

Could December be your time to move?

Nov 24, 10

If you agree that "timing is everything" December offers opportunities...   Read More

COMING SOON! West End 1 bedroom.

Nov 23, 10

Fully remodelled home in great building & prime West End location...   Read More

"V6A" just added to the site

Nov 22, 10

Looking for something a bit different in an up & coming area?   Read More

"OLIVE" added to the site

Nov 16, 10

A quality low-rise in prime "Cambie Village" area.   Read More

"WATERCOLOURS" added to the site

Nov 15, 10

Another Polygon tower in North Burnaby   Read More

My site has been re-launched

Nov 14, 10

I am pleased to announce the re-launch of

   Read More

Just added "OMA 2" to the site

Nov 12, 10

Final phase of "OMA" development in North Burnaby   Read More

Just added "MOSAIC" to the site

Nov 12, 10

Part of "RENAISSANCE TOWERS" development in North Burnaby   Read More

Who says the market is quiet...SOLD in 1 WEEK!!

Nov 12, 10

188 West 16th Avenue, City Hall/Cambie.   Read More

Just added "FRESCO" to the site

Nov 10, 10

"Renaissance Towers" a landmark development in North Burnaby.   Read More


Nov 10, 10

2605-33 Smithe Street (False Creek North)   Read More

Quick Market Update - Nov 2010

Nov 08, 10

Sales steady while listing inventory drops!   Read More

Open House - 188 West 16th Avenue

Nov 04, 10

Looking forward to hosting an OPEN HOUSE this Sat/Sun 1-3:00pm   Read More

HST on its way out?

Nov 01, 10

Sellers/Buyers keep those receipts for rebate cheques?   Read More

Seller meets Buyer- another perfect match!

Oct 31, 10

Just sold this 2 bedroom at "MAX 1" 1102-928 Beatty.   Read More

Just listed - Gorgeous Cambie/City Hall Townhome

Oct 31, 10

Check out this 2 bedroom + den Craftsman 4-plex Townhouse!   Read More

"Open House Announcement"

Oct 28, 10

2605-33 Smithe, False Creek North. Vancouver   Read More

"OMA 2" just added to the site

Oct 28, 10

Modern, luxury condos in Brentwood area..   Read More

Halloween Safety Tips...

Oct 27, 10

Keep those little scary people safe on Sunday eve.   Read More

The stars begin to align for investors again!

Oct 26, 10

Prices, interest rates and vacancy/rental rates...
investors see opportunity.   Read More

Check out "OMA"- just added to the site

Oct 26, 10

Modest, luxury Condos in the heart of thriving Brentwood, Burnaby.   Read More

CREA and Competition Bureau come to an agreement

Oct 25, 10

In pratical terms?...nothings really changed   Read More

Just added "COPPER SKY" to site.

Oct 22, 10

One of Steveston Villages most sought after properties.   Read More

Successful selling in this market...Raise the price!

Oct 17, 10

I recently raised the price in one of my listing to get buyers to the table. Here's why...   Read More

Raised price and a week!

Oct 17, 10

Got it done...Steveston 2 bedroom.   Read More

JUST LISTED!- False Creek North

Oct 16, 10

"Like New"...2 bed, 2 bth in "Coopers Lookout"...
   Read More

JUST SOLD - lovely Townhome.

Oct 14, 10

Prime Location near Trout Lake is perfect for young, growing family.   Read More

A great Value in Concords- MAX ONE!

Oct 13, 10

Really…a great value just got better at $499,900!!

   Read More

Millenium Water - "toughest sale in town"

Oct 10, 10

Quick, decisive action required to sell these.
City of Vancouver involved now so don't count on it!   Read More

"HUDSON" added to the site

Oct 01, 10

An unparalleled Downtown location   Read More

A quick Market Overview.

Sep 30, 10

Fall market appears to be moving along rather well in spite of...    Read More

Sold this amazing home at "HUDSON"

Sep 28, 10

Rare to find something that offers sooo much...   Read More

Market can still surprise...

Sep 27, 10

Drawn into to a multiple bid (4 offers) selling way over asking!    Read More

Condos for under $99,000?

Sep 23, 10

No, it's not "Millenium Waterfronts" new marketing strategy but my Market Newsletter from over a decade ago.   Read More

"TANDEM 3" added to the site

Sep 23, 10

3rd tower of Anthems, North Burnaby landmark   Read More

"TANDEM 2" added to site

Sep 23, 10

Great, entry level condos in North Burnaby...   Read More

Developers & marketers become “Realtor friendly”

Sep 22, 10

Changing market changes developers/marketers attitudes towards realtors.

   Read More

Rainy day shoppers are most serious!

Sep 20, 10

Starbuck toting shoppers just tire kicking?   Read More

Just added "Tandem 1" to the site

Sep 20, 10

Stylish entry level homes in North Burnaby...   Read More

Cheap rent is a "trap for buyers"

Sep 19, 10

Landlords love those that choose renting vs. home ownership.   Read More

Home inspection only "Scratches Surface" sometimes

Sep 17, 10

Even at $175-$200+/hour, home inspectors advice should be taken with a grain of salt..   Read More

KITS Condo sold in 2 weeks!

Sep 17, 10

Another example of how "Buying quality" pays off for seller...   Read More

Property manager forgets "who's the boss"!

Sep 16, 10

Some of the poorest customer service I have ever seen...    Read More

"Marquis Grande"- added to site

Sep 15, 10

One of North Burnaby's higher quality towers...   Read More

Burnaby Newsletter just released

Sep 15, 10

Burnaby houses still selling...but "at a price"!   Read More

CRF – Contingency Reserve Fund

Sep 14, 10

What it is and when may it be used?   Read More

Prime Yaletown- Just Listed!

Sep 13, 10

Always a pleasure to represent such a "spotless Gem". Two Bedroom + Den...
   Read More

Not all towers are created equally

Sep 13, 10

Rainscreen is great but you can't beat "solid concrete"   Read More

"PERSPECTIVES" added to the site

Sep 09, 10

Very nice, North Burnaby tower nears completion.   Read More

Supply shows signs of tightening

Sep 05, 10

Sales still up 40% vs. August 2008!!   Read More

"Motif at Citi" added to the site...

Sep 02, 10

"Brentwood's" latest landmark is a gleaming, contemporary tower...   Read More

What is Rain Screen?

Sep 13, 10

One of the most importants components of a Condo Home...   Read More

And now for a prediction...

Aug 31, 10

Busy open could be tell tale sign of a brisk fall market?   Read More

Just added to "ALTO" to the site

Aug 24, 10

Ultra modern, loft-style homes at the edge of Downtown...   Read More

Now your selling...

Aug 23, 10

Buyer recognizes value when they see it! (Finally)   Read More

Now you're selling...

Aug 18, 10

Got it done at 2105-1199 Seymour...   Read More

Just listed - Great Kitsilano 1 bedroom

Aug 16, 10

Much sought after home in Kitsilano's "SEAGATE"   Read More

Sales surprise but market shows signs of life

Aug 09, 10

Those waiting in the sidelines may be surprised!   Read More

Just listed this 1 bedroom + den

Aug 06, 10

spotless 1 + den in "BRAVA. 2105-1199 Seymour.   Read More

Just Reduced- Steveston Waterfront!

Aug 06, 10

A great Value for 2 bedroom in Steveston...   Read More

Just added "AFFINITY" to the site

Aug 03, 10

One of North Burnabys nicer buildings by "BOSA"   Read More

Just added "SEAGATE" to the site

Jul 30, 10

Check out this much sought after "KITS" address   Read More

Now there's HST on a resale?!

Jul 28, 10

Some instances can expose you to 7% tax!   Read More

"Pacific Cove" -Just added to the site.

Jul 27, 10

456 Moberly Road on the shores of False Creek (south)   Read More

Pre-Sale Buyers Survival Guide - Part 1

Jul 25, 10

Don't get caught-up in slick sales centers!!   Read More

Just listed this New, 2 bedroom home

Jul 22, 10

"Coopers Lookout" 2 bed, 2 bath w/great views...   Read More

Just added "TAPESTRY" (The Avenue Bldg) to the site

Jul 20, 10

Check out this quaiity "Concert Homes" development.   Read More

Just added "TAPESTRY" (The Heather) to the site

Jul 20, 10

Check out this unique, Westside development   Read More

Craigslist scammer finds my site useful!

Jul 19, 10

Not the type of attention I was looking for...   Read More

Property Manager could impede sale!

Jul 13, 10

A follow-up on my July 7 BLOG!   Read More


Jul 07, 10

Treating investment properties as a business.    Read More

Busy open house on the weekend

Jul 06, 10

Long weekend does not discourage shoppers.   Read More

Checked out North Burnabys latest completion

Jul 02, 10

APPIA'S "motif" completed with 20 homes remaining   Read More

New homes more expensive this Thursday!

Jun 29, 10

Much hated HST. kicks-in on July 1, 2010   Read More

"PERSPECTIVES"- North Burnabys best value

Jun 28, 10

As sales wind-down, value abounds...   Read More

North Burnabys "AFFINITY" launches...

Jun 28, 10


No place like home

Jun 27, 10

Just back from Winnipeg...where life seems much simpler.   Read More

OK...this one is also HOT!

Jun 10, 10

"Serious Seller"...Price just adjusted at popular "BRAVA"!   Read More

This price is HOT!

Jun 10, 10

Seller says sell!..this Yaletown Studio.   Read More

Real estate rebalances

Jun 08, 10

Opportunities out there NOW for buyers...    Read More

Some home inspectors need inspection…

Jun 03, 10

How do you tell if a home inspector is inexperienced?

Simple, if he can’t confirm that a building has a rainscreen system on it, when it is clearly staring him in the face!
   Read More

Just added "The Crane Building" to the site

Jun 02, 10

This is very cool, urban space in Crosstown area..   Read More

Open house may attract thieves

May 28, 10

Some parts of town become targets for thieves   Read More

WOW...that one almost killed me!

May 26, 10

Just sold my Eastside Penthouse listing   Read More

Just added "1616 BAYSHORE" to the site!

May 26, 10

Check out this luxurious Coal Harbour property in a prime location   Read More

"THE ALEXIS" added to the site

May 25, 10

Check out this loft-style, heritage conversion in Gastown!   Read More

"BRIGHTON" added to the site!

May 20, 10

Check out this great property in Mount Pleasant   Read More

"Price Reduced" - New Market Reality?

May 18, 10

Transitioning market demands quick/decisive action by sellers!   Read More

3 bed penthouse just posted to site

May 18, 10

Check out this 3 bedroom suite in Fairview Slopes   Read More

Just reduced!!

May 17, 10

Now this is a great value - White Rock Townhouse   Read More

just added "SOMA LOFTS" to the site

May 13, 10

Check out this hip, Loft-style home   Read More

Woodwards W-43 just added to site

May 11, 10

See details of this expansive, Downtown development..   Read More

Listings pouring in!

May 07, 10

400 new listings hit the Real Estate Board Wed AM!   Read More

Just loaded "Woodwards" listing

May 06, 10

I just loaded this gorgeous 1 bedroom to the site   Read More

Pressure off prices!

May 05, 10

The market stats are out (see link below) and while sales remain strong, the selection of homes for buyers to choose from is increasing each month.
   Read More

Just listed this gorgeous Townhome

May 04, 10

3-4 bedroom, White Rock home. Great Starter!   Read More

Just sold this great home

May 04, 10

My clients had to ACT FAST Here!   Read More

HST "Pre-tax" kicks in!

Apr 27, 10

Hurrying to avoid HST? May 1st may be your deadline..   Read More

Just added "MAX 2" to the site

Apr 23, 10

Modern, entry level homes in great Yaletown location...   Read More

Just added "MAX 1" to the site

Apr 21, 10

Max 1 & Max 2, twin towers in central Yaletown location   Read More

CIBC drops the hammer on investors!

Apr 20, 10

Investors beware of ongoing changes in Bank lending standards   Read More

New mortgage standards take effect

Apr 19, 10

Buyers may be in for a surprise on their next chat with their bank!   Read More

White Rock Townhouse

Apr 17, 10

Very nice 3 or 4 bedroom Townhouse coming soon   Read More

Just listed suite at "Brava 2"- Yaletown

Apr 16, 10

5 year young, 1 bedroom + den in great location...   Read More

Too good to pass-up!

Apr 16, 10

Check out the investment options in the burbs...   Read More

Just loaded "THE ERICKSON" to the site

Apr 12, 10

Unsurpassed luxury in False Creeks best spot!   Read More

Sellers beware "Hogs get slaughtered"

Apr 12, 10

"Bird in the hand" has its pros.   Read More

Four (and a half) reasons for investors to sell now!

Apr 09, 10

The next 90 days will be very active and here's why...   Read More

H.S.T. - Government readies for "windfall"

Apr 02, 10

Affordability about to take another hit!    Read More

Investors forced to the sidelines

Mar 31, 10

Investors with under 20% down "on hold".   Read More

Hottest market!

Mar 27, 10

West End Condo market sizzles...   Read More

Just listed Coal Harbour Townhouse

Mar 26, 10

Like new, modern luxury 2 bedroom, 2 bth home w/roof deck.   Read More

Rain Screen System

Mar 24, 10

Part BC.'s building code since late 90's...Albeit 20 years too late!   Read More

Just uploaded "XL" to the site

Mar 22, 10

Cool Loft-style homes in heart of "Cambie Village"   Read More

Market takes off!

Mar 21, 10

The last week has seen a rush of activity!   Read More

Just loaded "ESCALA" to site

Mar 18, 10

Waterfront building in Coal Harbour...   Read More

Banks moves to cool market/protect.

Mar 17, 10

Bank appraisils coming in low...buyers be prepared   Read More

Sometimes you have to loose the one you love

Mar 16, 10

Buyers just starting out, may loose the first few homes that they offer on.   Read More

Just loaded "KORET LOFTS" to the site

Mar 15, 10

“KORET LOFTS” is one of Vancouver’s few, true “New York style” live/work loft residences.   Read More

Realtors are the toughest sellers

Mar 13, 10

Buyer beware the realtor/ may be in for the long haul.   Read More

Sales active during Olympics

Mar 10, 10

Sales in Greater Vancouver increased 67% during February   Read More

How hot is the house market?

Mar 10, 10

Check out this bidding war!   Read More

Your Realtor there to provide service

Mar 10, 10

Your realtor too busy to provide service...find another realtor.   Read More

Just added "Venus" to the site

Mar 10, 10

Hard to beat the value in this Coal Harbour location/quality Bldg.   Read More

Looking for yesterdays (or next years) prices...

Mar 08, 10

Everyone likes a good deal but Lets get real….   Read More

Tenant with bird in his bonnet…or on the patio!

Mar 05, 10

Landlords must keep a close eye on their properties   Read More

Balance should return to market

Mar 05, 10

Entry level home supply should increase now that Olympics done   Read More

Just listed...Great 1 bedroom near VGH.

Mar 02, 10

Great 720 sq.ft. suite in central Fairview location. ACT FAST! 206-1055 W. 13th Ave.   Read More

Olympics draw to a close..let the games begin

Mar 01, 10

Real Estate to benefit over the long haul.   Read More

I just added "SPACE" to the site

Feb 27, 10

Downtown's first Loft-style highrise.   Read More

314 - 2770 Sophia street SOLD!

Feb 25, 10

In just over a it done!   Read More

White Rock home sold in a few days

Feb 25, 10

3 offers and sold over asking price   Read More

I Just added "TERMINAL CITY CLUB" to the site

Feb 24, 10

Multi-purpose tower with strata residences, offices and boutique hotel.   Read More

Dirty money!

Feb 24, 10

Many times the "fixer-uppers" are the best opportunities.   Read More

I just added "DENIA" to the site

Feb 24, 10

Coal Harbour Luxury and part of "Waterfront Place"   Read More

I Just loaded "CASCINA" to the site

Feb 23, 10

Luxury living on the shore of Coal Harbour.   Read More

Sales brisk during "Olympics"

Feb 25, 10

Buyers out there in full-force.    Read More

Government moves to "cool market"!

Feb 18, 10

But this plan may result in a heating rather than cooling...   Read More

I just loaded "ALDA" to my site

Feb 17, 10

One of Yaletowns finest Loft-style buildings in great location.   Read More

Mortgage rules to change April 2010

Feb 16, 10

Government tightens lending req's to avoid US.- style "Bubble"   Read More

White Rock - Very busy open house!

Feb 15, 10

Needed a revolving door at my open house today in White Rock!   Read More

White Rock Open- Sunday FEB 14 2- 4:30

Feb 12, 10

Spotless 4 bed bungalow..Valentines open house!   Read More

"Erikson" Like a spring about to Launch

Feb 12, 10

“Erickson”…False Creeks twisted tower is about to welcome households.
   Read More

I Just up-loaded "COOPERS LOOKOUT" to site

Feb 11, 10

On the North shore of False Creek, part of Concords "Platinum Collection"   Read More

Olympics kick-off!

Feb 10, 10

The party has started Downtown...   Read More

"Do it yourself buyers" prepare for a long haul

Feb 09, 10

Most buyers will realize the value of working with a Realtor..Albeit sometimes too late!   Read More

I just listed...White Rock home

Feb 08, 10

Great starter home in Prime "Ocean Park" Location.   Read More

"Coopers Lookout" Just listed - BE FIRST!

Feb 07, 10

Brand new, 2 bd + den, False Creek waterfront!   Read More

Market Wrap

Feb 05, 10

Supply and Demand aligning in Jan...   Read More

High vacancy & low rates

Feb 04, 10

Will buyers begin to "Opt-out" on purchasing?   Read More

"Exotic dancing" and Staging a home.

Feb 02, 10

Seek expert advice prior to Staging your home.   Read More

Olympics 11 days away

Feb 02, 10

It's getting crazy out there. At least no snow to slow traffic!   Read More

Fairmont to set new price records?

Jan 31, 10

Will this amazing buidling in this superb location set new price records?   Read More

I just uploaded "BOWMAN BLOCK" to my site

Jan 30, 10

Sophistiated, Loft-style homes in Downtowns "Crosstown"   Read More

Finally wrapped-up Christmas

Feb 03, 10

Amazing how things have changed in less than a year   Read More

Fairmont 5-Star ready to go

Jan 27, 10

Fairmont Hotel ready for February 3 opening   Read More

I just uploaded "Sophia" to my site

Jan 26, 10

Great building in "Up & Coming "Mount Pleasant"   Read More

I just uploaded "Montreux" to my site

Jan 26, 10

Trendy, loft style, Live/work homes in "Mount Pleasant"   Read More

I just uploaded "Stella" to my site

Jan 26, 10

Quality building in central, trendy "Mount Pleasant"
   Read More


Jan 24, 10

Very nice 2 bed + den, 2 bth at "L'hermitage"   Read More

Open house today- Coal Harbour

Jan 24, 10

Today 2:30-4:00pm- 1275 Melville.    Read More

Coal Harbour Townhouse- NEW PRICE!

Jan 22, 10

This fabulous home just became more attractive at $959,000!   Read More

New listing at "STELLA"

Jan 22, 10

2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 year young Townhome in Mount pleasant   Read More

Just listed Townhome- Mount Pleasant

Jan 22, 10

Nearly 1200 sq ft. 1 year young home in Trendy Mount Pleasant area.. "The Next Main St."   Read More

807-1331 W. Georgia REDUCED!

Jan 20, 10

This Sunny 1 + Den priced well at $399,900   Read More

Vanoc gets real

Jan 20, 10

Vanoc (Vancouver Olympic Committee) drops “insane” entry fee    Read More

Bank Canada Leaves rate for now

Jan 19, 10

Bank of Canada held its key policy lending rate at 0.25%!   Read More

"Favorite FSBO"

Jan 18, 10

Our "Top pick" For Sale By Owner   Read More

Super Busy open in Coal Harbour

Jan 18, 10

Busiest open to date at my listing at “Flat Iron”.   Read More

Prospects for Condos remains great

Jan 15, 10

Condos are expected to lead the future housing demand over the next 25 years.   Read More

Real Estate may be an Olympic event

Jan 13, 10

Thinking of selling? Don't miss out on the next 30 days!   Read More

Slow start, stellar finish for 2009

Jan 12, 10

Greater Vancouver sales ended up 44.8% vs. 2008!    Read More

Word on the street- busy open house

Jan 11, 10

Market sentiment appears to be healthy   Read More

US. Residents “double dipping” on exchange rates!

Jan 06, 10

“Canuck Buck” is expected to reach $1.06 this year!   Read More

2010 Property Assessments are in!

Jan 05, 10

Property assessments to be taken with a grain of salt!
   Read More

Olympic Rentals...cashing in?

Jan 02, 10

Olympic Rentals...what you need to know before you cash-in!   Read More

Chinese look to Vancouver to "Avoid Bubble"

Dec 30, 09

Young, affluent Chinese looking at Vancouver to avoid “Dubai-Style” China Real Estate bubble?    Read More

Careful on those Live/works!

Dec 26, 09

First step? your Accountant!   Read More

Best of the Holiday Season

Dec 22, 09

The passing year held several challenges for many people...    Read More

Realtors there to save you most cases!

Dec 19, 09

Buying or Selling, the first step is for the Realtor to ask questions, lots of questions!   Read More

Holiday Season brings out serious buyers!

Dec 19, 09

Serious buyers out there right NOW!   Read More

1188 Richards- Got it done!

Dec 16, 09

JUST SOLD 1110-1188 Richards Street-
In just under a month! Still reasonably quick sale for this suite.   Read More

"THE MARK" hits the Mark!

Dec 15, 09

"THE MARK" onnis’ latest contribution to the Yaletown skyline.
   Read More

Busy day in Coal Harbour

Dec 13, 09

"Flat Iron" gets good reveiws   Read More

Not another part-time Realtor!!

Dec 12, 09

Best way to choose a Realtor? How about asking them if they’re full-time professionals.    Read More

I just listed 1 + Den in Coal Harbour

Dec 10, 09

Great 1 + Den (could be 2nd bed in a pinch) in great Coal Harbour location.."The Pointe"   Read More

Google "Live view" added..

Dec 09, 09

I just added Google "Live view" to my featured buildings pages..   Read More

I just LISTED "FLAT IRON" Townhome!

Dec 08, 09

Young, Urban Professional, searching for something “Tastefully” Dramatic?    Read More

11 Reasons to sell in December

Dec 03, 09

Holidays bring out serious buyers!   Read More

"Spectrum 1"- just added to site

Dec 02, 09

Good “entry level” homes or investment properties   Read More

Dec 01, 09

My site re-launch "more user-friendly"   Read More

I just Sold "The Vantage" at Marriott Pinnacle

Nov 30, 09

Great value in this 33rd floor, 2 bedroom home in Coal Harbour...   Read More

Olympic size traffic jam on its way

Nov 30, 09

Selling or buying a property Downtown during the Olympics may be a competitive event...   Read More

The "M-ONE" presents well (price good also)

Dec 03, 09

New Cressey development in Coquitlam makes all the right moves.   Read More

Multiple Offer Survival Tips

Nov 23, 09

Take some solace in the fact that you have great taste and recognize value...    Read More

NEW LISTING ALERT! 1110 -1188 Richards St.

Nov 23, 09

I just loaded this spotless, Yaletown Studio.
$297,000   Read More

Competition Bureau rules on Real Estate

Nov 23, 09

Competition Bureau moves to open up the Multiple Listing Service(MLS)to "no frills/service" brokers...   Read More

Park the idea of buying the extra stall

Nov 23, 09

Considering purchasing an extra parking stall in that new, luxury Condo development? Consider the other options for the extra investment...   Read More

No seasonal flu for the Vancouver market

Nov 23, 09

During October, Greater Vancouver sales ended up 171.6% vs. October 2008 and over the last 12 months the Housing Price Index (benchmark price) increased 6.8%! CMHC says 3-4% price increase during 2010...    Read More

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