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Small 'pre-sale reno' pays off (BIG) for seller!

October 19, 2016


Granted offers were already coming in on this dark, cluttered/'well-lived in' 1 bedroom condo prior to the reno but the offers were not meeting the sellers (or my own) expectations.

Once the tenant moved out, we quickly went into reno-mode spending 1 week and a mere $1,300.00 on a fresh, bright coat (neutral tone) of paint, new light fixtures, small repairs and a thorough carpet and suite cleaning.

The results were 'astounding' with the final sale price $30,000 higher than the best pre-reno offer! My math shows an amazing 2300% return on the $1,300 spent.(seller ecstatic to say the least)

I am a believer that every dollar spent 'on the right things', preparing a property for sale will pay off handsomely...otherwise Sellers may be leaving money on the table!

In this transitioning market, Sellers MUST take pro-active steps to attract qualified buyers and top dollar for their properties!

Call me for more details.


Paint, lights, cleaning/repair and behold

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