Your mid-summer review – July 2012

a great time to buy an investment property"

Even though headlines of a quiet 'Buyers Market' dominate the news, I've managed to stay very busy during the first half of the year.

Many of my well-positioned listings have found new owners while most of my buyer clients have found their new homes/investment properties. But even with listing inventory rising, it can still be a bit challenging finding those clean, well-priced homes.

Buyers don't need to concern themselves with 'multiple offers', a thing of the past for the most part, while having a bit more time to select & negotiate for the right home.

Downward adjusted prices, rent increases & record low interest rates are also making this a great time to buy an investment property.

It's difficult to generalize regarding prices as each market, both geographic & home type, can vary widely. However, it's safe to say that most of the upward pressure on prices has diminished for the time being.

Let's hope that this warm summer weather stays with us for at least a few more months. If you know of anyone in the market, I do have a few 'air conditioned' homes listed for sale!

Enjoy the remainder of your summer.


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